Monday, May 29, 2006

On a Roll


Look out, folks.

She's on entry #2 for the day.

Just had to mention two important things going on with me right now....

#1: I am on day #29 of no caffeine. I am trying out Hansen's Diet Natural Sodas and so far the rootbeer one is the best.

#2: I am obsessed with the Stephanie Plum bounty hunter books by Janet Evanovich. Somehow I am only discovering them now....I just finished Hard Six. Hilarious.

That's it.


When I was growing up, my family went camping a lot. We started out in tents, moved up to a tent trailer and then the holy grail- a motorhome, a custom made motorhome, I might add.

My parents were educators and had summers off, so every summer a new destination was chosen and off we'd go on a new adventure. It was the best.

Thus why I love road trips.

Often times we would go on adventures with other family friends and more often than not we could take over a campground there were so many of us. I had extended moms and dads and a zillion more extended siblings to play with, eat s'mores around the camp fire with, and of course, argue and make up with.

To this day my parents still camp with several of the parents of these families on a regular basis. They are all retired now and manage to plot out a camping trip once a month usually at one of the state beaches in Southern California. Not a bad gig if you ask me. Especially since they hold "happy hour" everyday at 4:00 PM.

Oh, yeah.

All the kids are grown now with lives full of work, marriages, kids, etc. so it is a rarity when any of them can make it down to the campsites on the designated weekend, including me and my brother. Much to all of our parent's dismay, of course. They are always inviting the gaggle of adult children and we all keep rattling off all the reasons why we can't or shouldn't.

But this Memorial Day weekend, something happened. Maybe the stars aligned or God finally wanted to put the parents out of their misery. But most of the adult children made an appearance at the campsites. Including my brother and me. Some showed up with spouse or child in tow or new friends to get to know.

We all thought the parents were going to drop dead with excitement over it all.

Truth is, it was really cool to spend some time with everyone again. Some people I haven't seen in over a decade. We enjoyed catching up on everyone's lives, the gorgeous weather, listening to the surf roll in and out, and of course, happy hour at 4 PM sharp.

It was a wonderful reunion and I am so happy that I went.

In other reunion news, my 20th high school reunion is this year.

Holy crap.

I'm not that old.

Worse yet, when I set my mind to thinking about high school I kept drawing a blank on people's names.

I'm not that old.

So I went out to the garage and found the storage box full of year books and unearthed my senior yearbook and took a very long and terrifying trip down memory lane.

Terrifying in the sense that I graduated in 1986- the height of the '80's pop culture.

The hair.

The make up.

The clothes.

The one thing we girls of the '80's had going for us was that boys actually wore clothes that showed their asses.

Like I said, terrifying.

So, that reunion looms. Don't know how I feel about going yet. Fortunately I have a while to decide.

I am still telling myself I am not that old.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Ebb and Flow

I know I have been AWOL lately.

Just haven't felt the urge to write.

Lots of recognition of the ebb and flow of life right now for me. Some of it I have welcomed, a lot of it I find myself initially resistant to or feel it is unwanted.

It is all a process, isn't it?

I have been reevaluating some habits of mine and feel the need to rid myself of them. Been prioritizing the order in which to purge these habits from my life because ditching all of them at the same time would not be pretty.

This may seem minor to some but I am in day 5 of no regular, no diet, nada. I am determined to shake free of the soda addiction once and for all.

Taking it one day at a time.

Feel like I am spending all my time in the bathroom because I am downing water and water-based sugar free beverages like crazy.

The headaches haven't been as awful as I thought they would be but like I said, I am taking it one day at a time.

Bottom line, my body deserves better.

And watching Oprah earlier this week just reaffirmed it for me again.

Ebb and flow.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I just learned that one of the brightest lights within my online journaling experience has died after an inspiring and courageous battle with cancer.

She is now one of the eternal brilliant stars in the heavens and I am a better person because of the gift of her life and her words.

My prayers of peace and healing are winging their way to her family.

R.I.P, Pam.

Friday, March 17, 2006


The rain is here.

Basketball is on.

I didn't make it to the gym, but I did get my errands done. I braved going out in public without any green on. I have nothing green in my closet. My fail safe has always been that I have green eyes. Does that count?

Because there was no gym today, I am being even more aware of what I eat. Turkey chili is actually pretty good. Who knew?

Since I won't be getting to the theater today for my Friday afternoon movie, I did rent a DVD called Where the Truth Lies with Colin Firth and Kevin Bacon. I can honestly say that I only rented it because Colin (yummy) is in it. And it got the Ebert and Roper two thumbs up!. We'll see.

If Colin Firth would just read aloud to me everyday I would be a happy woman.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

March Madness

It's all my dad's fault.

I didn't get much productive done today.

It's March Madness, baby.

Day one of the NCAA basketball tournament was today.

I did forced myself to go to the gym today, which was beyond a miracle since my motivation has gone to hell this week thanks to Aunt Flo. :)

So, back to basketball.

I am never going to be accused of being a sports widow. I was raised in a sports household, thanks to my dad.

I love sports, particularly college sports. Pre money and fame and all that crap. These kids actually still love to play the game.

Day one of the NCAA today did not disappoint. So many exciting and close games, except for my boys- UCLA who blew out their competition after a not-so-comfy start of the game. I was mildly concerned for a half a second.

I am exhausted now and besides the gym, I have sat on my butt all day long yelling at my TV. I do that a lot. Wonder what the neighbors think?

Goal for tomorrow is to get up and to the gym, do some errands and then get back to the house before the rain that is expected comes my way. Rain is as good excuse as any to do some more butt sitting and TV yelling for Day 2 of the tourney.

Thanks, Dad!

Go Bruins!


Monday, March 13, 2006

Hell Hath Frozen Over and the Oscars

One month ago, almost to the day, I wrote that we were having a heat wave. I'd take that heat wave back now....'cuz it is freezing here.

Wild wacky weather for sure.

It hailed over the weekend. Water froze over night. The snow level in the local mountains is the lowest it has been in forever.

Give me my tropical heat wave back now, thanks.

So, I've been a journal writing slacker again.

I have had a good reason, really. Well, good enough reason for me anyway.

1. Work has been really stressful lately.

2. In my spare time the last few weeks, I took up semi-permanent residence at our local movie theater.

With the Oscars rapidly approaching, I realized that I had only seen one movie- Walk the Line. Which I loved....a lot.

But since I host an annual Oscar bash I had to get my butt in gear and see some movies.

Within 2 1/2 weeks before the Oscars I saw:

Brokeback Mountain
Cinderella Man- on DVD
The Constant Gardener- on DVD
The Corpse Bride- on DVD
Crash- on DVD
Good Night, and Good Luck
Hustle and Flow- on DVD
Mrs. Henderson Presents
North Country- on DVD
Pride and Prejudice- on DVD

I am bummed that I ran out of time to see Transamerica. I also never saw Chronicles of Narnia, Memoirs of a Geisha or even the big King Kong before the Academy Awards.

What I learned from jam packing a bunch of movies into a short amount of time is that I really LOVE going to the movies. I hate paying full price for movies but a matinee on a Friday afternoon isn't so bad.

I love stadium seating. I love the smell of popcorn and butter. I love movie trailers- although if I see the one for Thank you for Smoking one more time, I might scream. It doesn't even look like a good movie. And I love watching a movie on the big screen most of all.

I know there are a lot of Oscar haters out there. Or award show haters in general. I happen to love them. Just do. Even got to go to the Oscars once as a seat filler- the year that Tom Hanks won for Forrest Gump. Had the time of my life.

I thought this year's show was pretty good. I enjoyed Jon Stewart- thought he was funny. Mostly predictable (the winners that is) and Crash upsetting Brokeback Mountain for best picture was GREAT. Ok, I really liked Brokeback Mountain. A lot. Very well done in all areas. Deserved all the recognition it has received in my opinion. But Crash is an amazing movie. So compelling and I think everyone should see it.

My favorite moments-
The opening bit with past Oscar hosts
George Clooney's acceptance speech- the man is yummy
Dolly Parton singing- she just rules
The Three 6 Mafia- everyone should be that enthusiastic when they win an award
Reese Witherspoon's acceptance speech- "I'm just trying to matter." Great line.

Favorite dresses-
Jessica Alba
Reese Witherspoon
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Garner
Michelle Williams

Since the Oscars I am trying to get caught up on work and all the other responsibilities I volunteer for. I have been babysitting the nephew a lot which has been so fabulous. He is a cutie and very mellow.

I am trying to go see a movie once a week on Friday afternoons now. Saw Failure to Launch last Friday. Ain't no award winner, completely predictable but was very funny and amusing. Anyone notice that the scruffier Matthew McConaughey is the hotter he looks? He does not disappoint in this movie at all. HOT!


Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Sometimes people just make me cah-ray-zee.


Here I am at the end of what has been a very full, but lovely day, getting all settled in for another night of Olympics and then.....

I answered the phone.

Well, I should say first that the phone was ringing.

And then I answered it.

If it hadn't been ringing and I answered it anyway then I would be crazy on a whole other level.

OK, so back to answering the phone.

Without getting into the nitty gritty of it all I would just like to say that people who think IT (insert whatever IT is here) is all about them, all the time and get all dramatic about it all are not people I like to spend a lot of time with.

Generally speaking, I have weeded out a few folk who were in my daily life over the years who are like that because I figured my life is too short to fill it up with DRAMA- that is just so Jr. High.

I hated Jr. High.

Don't get me wrong, everyone is allowed moments of it's all about me.


Not every waking minute of every single day.

The unfortunate part is that this phone call is a sad reflection on someone who is unable to see the bigger picture which involves kids and what is best for them. For me it is always about what is best for kids first.

So now I am not in a very Olympic-y kind of place and I don't watch American Idol until they weed out most of the riff raff and I sure as heck don't want to finish my laundry which I have managed to prolong the completion of for 2 days now.

And I really want ice cream.

Sugar free jello is going to have to do it for now.